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    This is one of a series of posts to mark the international Rugby players who served in, and survived, The Great War. If anyone has further information on the men concerned, I’d be most grateful if it could be added to the thread.


    Lloyd, Richard Averil played for Ireland

    Internationals: 19 : 1910 E= S- ; 1911 E+ S+ (1c) W- F+ (3c 1d) ; 1912 F+ (1t) E- S+ (1d 1p) W+ (1c 1d) SA- ; 1913 E- (1d) S- (2c 1d) W- (2c 1p) F+ (3c) ; 1914 F+ (1c) E- (1c 1d) ; 1920 E- (1t 1c 1p) F- (1d)

    Richard Lloyd was born on 4 August 1891, in Tamnamore, Dungannon.

    Played as a Fly half for: Armagh Royal School, Trinity College Dublin, Liverpool.

    Profession: The Army

    War service: Lieutenant, 1/10th (Liverpool Scottish) Battalion, The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment; he was wounded in 1918. He was demobilised as a Captain in January 1919 after a brief period as a company commander at the Royal Military College.

    Remarks: Most conversions (7) by an Irish player in a Championship season, 1913. Photographed with Irish team v Wales 1914, but did not play after injury during warm-up – place taken by Harry Jack. Refereed E v S, S v W 1922. Cricket for Ireland.

    He died on 23 December 1950, in Belfast.
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    Played cricket for Dublin University and Ireland. Played against Scotland (1911) and South Africa (1912) for Ireland. Played for Lancashrie v Australians in 1921 and also played in one County Championship game for the county. Also played Minor Counties for Denbighshire.
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    Thanks for that. He must have been very unlucky to be injured in the pre-match warm up before the Wales match in 1914.


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