Discussion in 'Civil War' started by LeadedOnly, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. LeadedOnly

    LeadedOnly New Member

    If you watch the current TV series, “Revolution” does it throw you into a Civil War, déjà vu mindset? I always inadvertently look for the Blue and the Gray.
  2. Vladimir

    Vladimir Siberian Tiger

    I have watched a few episodes in some video-sharing sites. Not too bad. But has nothing to do with the Civil War or the American Revolutionary War.
  3. R Leonard

    R Leonard Active Member

    I watched a couple and got bored.

    Might I recommend S M Stirling's novels of the change which starts with "Dies the Fire" and goes on, now up to something like 8 volumes. All power goes, steam engines don't work, combustion engines don't work, gunpowder doesn't work.
  4. Vladimir

    Vladimir Siberian Tiger

    Hmm.... I have also heard if Stirling's novel, but haven't read it yet. Will it ever get adapted in to TV?

  5. R Leonard

    R Leonard Active Member

    That would be nice, but it's a long series now, covering some 25 plus years.

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