Rev. Patrick Joseph McMahon - Army Chaplain

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    In Memory of
    Chaplain 4th Class The Rev. PATRICK JOSEPH McMAHON

    218709, Royal Army Chaplains' Department
    who died
    on 14 August 1944

    Remembered with honour

    Father Patrick was a British Army chaplain in the Second World War and was killed in France on 14 August 1944. During the fierce battle for the Falaise Gap, after the Allies had broken out of their beachhead and were in pursuit of the fleeing German armies, Paddy went out under fire in an ambulance to rescue a wounded Canadian soldier. On the return journey a shell hit the ambulance and he was killed. He was buried in consecrated ground in the churchyard at Ussy, Salvados. He was 27 years old. Paddy was born in Dundalk on 14 December 1916. Educated Friary School, Dundalk, 1921-1924; C.B.S., Dundalk 1924-1926; Oram N.S., Castleblayney 1926-1929: St. Marcartan's College, Monaghan, 1929-1934. Came to Dalgan 1934 and ordained there 1940.

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