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    I am searching for some information on my gggg grandfather, Private Reuben Huffman, who served the colonies in their quest for independence. According to the muster rolls of soldiers who were at Valley Forge, "Reuben Hufman" was a member of the 1st VA Brigade, Nicholas Company, 1 VA Regiment, 5th Division.

    In which battles did he particpate? Who were his commanders?


    Mike Peters
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    Thank you for your reply. I saw this but wondered if it was the correct unit since I found no mention of the 1st VA Brigade, Nicholas Company or 5th Division.

    Mike Peters
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    More accurately, Private Reuben Huffman served in the the 1st VA State Regiment.

    Mike Peters
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    Today I received a pdf which contained my gggg grandfather's pension records. Reuben Huffman was a private in a company, commanded by Captain Angus Rucker, of the 1st VA State Regiment, commanded by Colonel Gibson. He enlisted in 1777 at the age of 14. He was at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-1778 and, according to to the records, "fought at the battles of Monmouth and Stoney Point, besides being in several skirmishes." He was discharged in 1780, also at Valley Forge.

    Man, isn't this stuff fun?

    Mike Peters
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    Mike - very cool find! I had a similar experience last year, similar to yours in that I found information through pension applications made by David Hogan (my relative) when he was 92-years old. The pension application is interesting reading, as it talks about his fighting at King's Mountain and that the main activity of his group was to hunt Tories throughout Virginia.
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    Nice to hear from you.

    When you study military history, it's always more rewarding when there's a personal angle.

    Some more about my gggg grandpa. Reading further through his pension records I learn "that he was afterward taken into what was called the Continental Draft for 18 months in May or June 1781." His company was commanded by Capt. Scott & & his regiment by Col. Gaskins. He was transferred to a regiment led by Col. Thomas Posey & "during that service was the taking of Lord Cornwallis at Little York and was then marched to the Pointy Fork from that to Cumberland Court House from there to the state of Georgia to Slanger where the army was stationed & while there he was in skirmishes & near Savanah." Reuben was discharged in Oct. 1782 near Savanah.

    Can anyone tell me more abot Colonels Gaskins & Posey?

    Mike Peters

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