REM at Gillingham, Aggregat4/V2 & von Braun .

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    I am not in a conclusion wheather it was Dornberger, by any means, for whom only von Braun able to carried out of what he nurtured in mind and it was hardly his fate that he enabled to escape from a Deadly mechanism !!
    I think without Gen. Dornberger, von Braun could not develop one of the most brilliant technology, now at the service of mankind. Who is more important ?
    And now we are thankful to REM ~ Gillingham, Kent, for such a restoration process .. may be dedicated to the next gen.
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    DORNBERGER Foremost rocket scientist in Germany , head of R&D of the V2 program , knowing the game was up late ww2 , made overtures to the American s, successfully .
    The British wanted him hung for war crimes ,regarding slave labour in his V2 program , anyway the Americans snaffled him up in the 'operation paperclip' program.
    Where he helped get the US rocket program off the ground .
    The British after ww2 were never serious Rocket builders builders wether through know how or finances unlike the US and the USSR who had no qualms whatsoever about employing Nazi Scientists and backed it up with resources.
    He was the foremost rocket engineer and top dog at Bell in their rocket aircraft program in the 50's.not bad for a war criminal .

    Royal Engineers Museum Gillingham

    Walter Dornberger
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    Operation Overcast, lately as Operation Paperclip as framed by OSS perfectly carried out by JIOA, though it was an enormous job during the conjunction of War2 and CW. A prominent threat from capturing the German rocket scientists by the advancing Russians or escaping of U864(as reported by Blachley House), either, could have been a hard punch. There was another possible threat of fanatic Nazi infiltration from the Osenberg list too. Any way, Major Staver did his best and von Braun along with other rocket scientists from Peenemünde, became US Govt Scientist, which could have been end up at any of the Gulags, either.
    For which The Specialist apologized to Doernberger in July '44, had he realised for other important things of Germany, prior to '42, the history would have been different.

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