Relatives that were in ww2?

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Do you have people in your family that were in ww2?

  1. You have people in your family that were in ww2

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  2. You do not have any one in your family that waqs in ww2

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  3. Or you were in ww2

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  1. war hawk

    war hawk New Member

    Cancer what a miserable word.
  2. rlaughton


  3. aghart

    aghart Former Tank Commander Moderator

    My father served in India in 1945 (infantry) but the war ended before he could see action. Had the A bombs not been dropped then he would likely have been involved in the planned British operation to recapture Malaya and Singapore. I therfore fully support the decision to drop the bombs.
  4. skyblue

    skyblue Active Member

    My grandfather served in both WWI and WWII. He was in the US Army. I don't remember him well and don't know about his battles or history and he died in 1971. I should ask my uncles about him while they are still alive. My mom didn't talk about his service very much, and she passed away in 2008.

    My dad and uncles served during the Korean conflict (various branches, but my dad was in the Navy). Only one uncle actually fought in Korea and I know he was killed there. I was named after him (my middle name is a feminized version of his first name).
  5. Brian S

    Brian S New Member

    My Father served in the R.A.S.C. 1940 - Nov. 1942. Then he was killed by his own side.!!
  6. Watson

    Watson Member

    My Dad flew in USN patrol bombers (PB4Y2 Privateers) out of Guam and Okinawa.
  7. my grand dad was in the army, he was an R>S>M george taylor, i don't have much information about him at all, except he was in the green howards, he sevrved in ww1 too, so if any one has any information about him, i would be very grateful. thank you.
  8. Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson New Member

    Grand father was a gunners maid in the US Navy. He was a real good man. Me and him went fishing on several occasions. I don't think ever knew I remembered some of the stuff he used to ramble on about. How he had been at D-day and gunned down so many men. My first birthday he gave me a hand gun. That old man was a great guy.
  9. my grand dad was in the army, he was an RSM george taylor, i don't have much information about him at all, except he was in the green howards, he sevrved in ww1 too, so if any one has any information about him, i would be very grateful. thank you.
  10. untitled

    untitled New Member

    Judging by the poll it seems like just about everyone had a family member in WW2.
  11. cavtrooper

    cavtrooper Member

    My father was a navy corpsman at Tarawa,recieving the Silver Star and Purple Heart,and I had an uncle who served as an infantryman with the Big Red One.
  12. cavtrooper

    cavtrooper Member

    Not family members,but there are still a number of WW2 veterans in my American Legion post.One was a marine in Manchuria,another one an artilleryman in the Italian campaign,and a couple more who served in the navy.
  13. pink ling

    pink ling New Member

    My father was enlisted with 1st Bat The Royal Sussex 15.03.1940, transferred to R.A.S.C. 10.07.1941, transferred to Sudan Defense Force 11.11.1942, back to R.A.S.C.20.06.1943 and then 02.09.1943 to I.S.L.D. (MI6) returning back to England 03.10.1945 and was at the Foreign Office in London until "demob" 13.02.1946
  14. pink ling

    pink ling New Member

    My Uncle was in The Royal Navy 1944 and served on HMS Colossus (Light fleet carrier) with the British Pacific Fleet with "Glory","Vengeance" and "Venerable". Joined fleet in Australia July 1945 and was involved with assisting in repatriation at end of hostilities with Japan.
  15. groundhugger

    groundhugger Member

    Dad served in the Royal Artillery , Blitz years on 3.7s AA then volunteered for DEMS served postwar until 1967 in the Terriers.
    two Uncles in the Army one in India , and the other in UK then D Day getting wounded [GSW]
    Mother and Aunties Homefront war workers .
  16. edgar hernandez

    edgar hernandez New Member

    my grandpa, Tumay Janos, he is hungarian and was capured by germans and by russians, he has great histories, in fact we are trying to publish his book, that is all about waht happen during his experiences, is very interesting, i may reccomend you guys this, cause we need support to translate and publish it, we just need preorders to make i happen,

    original book is hungarian, so we better translate it to english.
  17. Interrogator#6

    Interrogator#6 Active Member

    My father and his father were Swedish nationals living in the NYC area during WWII, and so "strictly neutral". But in 1941 they left Sweden for Russia, transited to Vladivostok to catch a Swedish ship to San Francisco. In NYC Grandfather ran the ships (about 30) for his company, since communications with home office was "difficult". Also, there is a family 'legend' that he had connections with the INTREPID organization, but who can say.
  18. R Leonard

    R Leonard Active Member

    Father – USNA 1938; USN fighter pilot. USS Yorktown (CV-5), Jun 41 - Jun 42, action in early carrier raids and at Coral Sea (VF-42), Midway (VF-3); VF-11 Jul 42 - Aug 43, action in North Solomons Apr 43 - Jul 43; Director of Fighter Training, ComFAirWest Aug 43 - Oct 44; Asst Opns Officer, TF-38 Nov 44 to EOW; Retired, Rear Admiral, 1971.

    Uncle – USMA 1935; USA, Infantry. Instructor and tactical officer USMA for entire war. Retired, Major General, 1968. (Father’s brother)

    Uncle – USA, Infantry. Company Commander, Battalion S-3, Battalion Exec, Battalion Commander, 2d Battalion, 13th US Infantry, 8th Division, ETO. Retired, Colonel, 1970. (Father’s brother)

    Uncle – USMA 1942; USAAF fighter pilot. Commanding 405th Fighter Squadron/367th Fighter Group, 9th AF ETO. KIA, 5 Jan 1945, Lt Colonel. (Father’s brother)

    Uncle – USMA 1923; USA Infantry – Battalion Commander, 1st Battalion, 272d US Infantry, 69th Division, ETO. Retired, Colonel 1953. (Father’s brother-in-law)

    Uncle – Lieutenant USN – Pacific service. Retired, Captain 1972. (Father’s brother-in-law) His father was a Colonel, USAAF during the war.

    Uncle – Lieutenant USN – Atlantic Service. Died in service, Lieut. Comdr., 1954 (Mother’s brother-in-law)

    Uncle – USA Quartermaster Corps, Lieutenant, ETO. Retired, Lieutenant Colonel 1965. (Mother’s brother)

    Aunt – USA Nurse Corps, Lieutenant, ETO. Retired, Lieutenant Colonel 1965. (Mother’s sister-in-law)

    Uncle – USA Amphibious Engineers, Sergeant, PTO. Demobilized at EOW. (Mother’s brother)

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