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Discussion in 'World War 1' started by mogsy, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. mogsy

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    I have recently re discovered some of my grandfathers diaries, he wrote them from the trenches (mainly the Somme) and they cover late 1915-1917. He was a signaller in C company, the 8th S lancs. I have attached some of the pages which you may find interesting. I would guess that about 80% of the entries are legible but the remainder faded due to the passage of time.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to how faded pencil entries can be recovered?
  2. Stephen Nulty

    Stephen Nulty New Member


    What a fascinating discovery, many thanks for sharing the pages with us. I'll see if I can match his entreies tothe regimental history or diaries.

    One or two of us have a keen interest in the South Lancs.

    What can you tell us about your grandfather? You didn't say his name.

    With regard to the faded entries, you might try using some imaging sofwtare and turning them into negatives, which can often show up more detail than the original (a la Turin Shroud!!!)
  3. mogsy

    mogsy New Member

    His name was Walter Herbert Vernon, he served in both wars, the 8th Army in the 39-45 war.

    His diary records his details as listed below.
    C company
    Section 111
    Division 25

    His brother edgar is buried in Wancourt Britsh Cemetery (6/6/1917)

    There are lots of pages with tons of place names.
  4. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    What a treasure you've found Mogsy !

    I was going to say the same as Stephen about the negative images .... but I'll see if my friend has any ideas .. (I'm not that computer savvy I'm afraid !! :rolleyes: )

    I think you must already have this but I'll post it in case it helps somebody else help you !....

    In Memory of
    Private E VERNON

    202576, 2nd/4th Bn., Royal Berkshire Regiment
    who died
    on 06 June 1917

    Remembered with honour

    I'll look and see what I can see with regards to your Granddad !

    Annie :)
  5. mogsy

    mogsy New Member


    His service number was 15201 and if anyone would like copies of all the pages I have scanned so please please drop me a line. I think I may be able to upload them to my Mac server account and if so will give the link. Unfortunately some of the pages from one of the diaries have scribble on them, the result of 2 and 3 year olds sitting on grandads knee many years ago.
  6. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    Hi Mogsy !

    So what have you found out about Walter already ... just so we don't go over old ground ... do you have his medal cards ?

    Medal card of Vernon, H W

    South Lancashire Regiment 15201 Serjeant

    Medal card of Vernon, Walter H

    South Lancashire Regiment 15201 Private
    South Lancashire Regiment 15201 Serjeant
  7. mogsy

    mogsy New Member


    Yes I have found a copy of his medal card but not sure what it means.

    There is a picture of his dead brother with the words ' our little bantam the pride of the army' written on the back.

    I have also notices his spelling can be a little off, for example on Friday 13th 1916 he mentions that a piece of shrapnel killed Tom Gaulding, I think he means Golding.

    He also mentions that on 3rd of Nov 1915 a Sam Smalley ?being shot through the head by a german sniper, Sam later died on the 5th.

    Tuesday 19th Oct 1915 his 'mate' B Pape ? is shot and he has to carry him to Capt Devlin (i guess the MO)

    The diaries read like a 'boys own' adventure and I am amazed he survived.
  8. mogsy

    mogsy New Member

    Re: Recently discovered diaries--now uploaded


    If anyone would like to look at one of my grand fathers diaries please drop me a mail.
  9. polldollagain

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    Hi Mogsy ... If you have he copies of the faded pages and would like to email them to me I will try and recover them for youI need the large file that you will have downloaded to do this not the smaller version that I presume you be able to post on here..Annie sent me a message to see if I could help... Be very happy to try for you .. I ve got the war diaries for a GRANDPA for the whole 10 weeks that he survived with the BEF and was able to recover all of the faded bit. They used indelible pencils didn't they... I ll send you a message with my email address ....:)

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