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    Few wars are started for only one reason, usually there is a whole list of things that goes into why it started. In school, most of us were taught that it was primarily because of taxation without representation and the fact that the British were being oppressive and requiring colonists to do things like house troops.

    Do you think we were taught the real reasons for the revolution, or has your research revealed a lot of other things they never told us in school?
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    I am sure that Aghart and other non-Americans can weigh in here. My younger brother took British history while I took American history. Big difference.

    The first and formost thing that has to be understood is the fact that the 13 colonies were primarily British. They were set up and governered by those appointed by the king. The colonies had no real rights unto themselves. Everything grown, made, sold ect. technically belonged to the King/England.

    Although the taxation without representation was a theme it was just that. A small part of a thing called "freedom." The majority of the colonists wanted to be able to rule themselves rather that have the ruling party a few thousand miles away. They wanted to be able to buy, sell, grow, and build a future for themselves.....not for a distant king. And as you mentioned about the military housing thing......the colonists were pretty much ruled by the British military so housing wasn't the only issue.

    The not so funny thing about the American Revolution is that it was a movement that was totally unheard of. If a sovereign country like France or Spain had decided to take over it would have been a legitimate war. But for a group of people to separate themselves and the land they lived on from a major country was simply not cricket.
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    I completely agree with you. In 4th grade I realized that the revolution was actually in violation of what the Bible teaches and told my mom that I would have been a loyalist if I lived back then. I was pretty much shut down and never voiced my opinion again until I was about 20, but I never changed my mind. The way this country was founded has affected the culture to this day, and not in a good way. Americans are still a people who think they should be able to do whatever they want.
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    By, "what the Bible teaches," you are referring to Romans 13:1-3, I believe there is a problem there. The Bible does indeed indicate that when we are under an authority we should be loyal to that authority. But, what it does not say at that point is indicated by other actions all through the Bible which is, if you are not content with the authority you are under you are free to find another one to be loyal to. Example: The exodus of the Jews from Egypt. They were under the authority of a king/pharoah and chose to leave which was blessed and enforced by God. Ergo, we are free to choose our leader which will be blessed also, since by indication of said verses God has placed the authority there. There is a huge Theological ingredient to all of this which might be good for another Block.

    We as Americans have had a standard set by the people who fought for our freedom from an absolute ruler. And, as the constitution is the written ultimate set of *rules* by which our freedoms are outlined, there are those things that are understood. Freedom without responsibility is still slavery. We can be free and still not hurt nor diminish another persons rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom does Not mean we are free to do whatever we want. Freedom means that we are free to set the standards by which we can all enjoy and is a balance of those laws that are set that makes us free. Further, if said laws are found to be flawed, we as a free people have the right to change it through Representation and majority vote. The majority of nations on the face of this earth do not enjoy this part of freedom.

    Granted, things are pretty unbalanced at the present time, but this fantastic experiment with freedom that we are all party to has a habit of righting itself. God has indeed blessed America......I hope He continues to do so.
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    Well, I don't want to start an argument, which is what usually happens when I have brought this subject up, even when I don't argue back, so I'm not going to continue it. But I will just say that I had to watch the American Heritage Series and what I heard was a lot of verses taken out of context to justify actions God would never approve of.
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    Ah yes DL. Yet another item often forgotten in our promise of freedom. The freedom of free speech. You are free to have your take on anything your heart desires without punishment or reprisals from anyone. As Voltaire put it," I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

    It is a shame that someone "made" you watch anything at all. I normally do not study by way of TV or some movie. They are more for ideas. Study comes from cracking the books and through venues such as the Militarian discussion forum. Even what I read here from some very diligent students of Military history, I still take the time to "check out" statements of value. Opinions are just that. Just like belly buttons, everybody has an opinion and they are all different. Have a wonderful day DL. By the Bye.... II Tim. 2:15 comes to mind.
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    I firmly believe we were taught precisely that which British Empire Imperialists want us to believe, who "own" my country's education system. My research has revealed much that I wish I'd known earlier. I feel the need to stress that there was only one cause of The Revolutionary War... British Empire Imperialism and all else stems from that. Given that this very same reason has caused ninety-something percent of All wars throughout history since the Six Weeks War and continuing right up until and including ISIS today... we have not ever learnt from history and are repeating it over and over again in ever-increasing frequency and not teaching this to our children as we should.

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