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    This man apparently spent the majority of war at sea, three (3) of his previous commands were sunk after he had been transfered to another Ship, sometimes the time between he leaving command and it sinking was quite long (years) those being HMAS Yarra, HMAS Perth and HMAS Canberra, in December 1941 the Admiral Crace moved his Flag ship to the heavy cruiser HMAS Australia, Captain Farncomb assumed command of HMAS Australia.
    Constantly on the move with active operations a regularity he remained in command of HMAS Australia till march 1944 after two years of commanding HMAS Australia he was loaned to the RN and took command of the Aircraft Carrier HMS Attacker again being mentioned in dispatches again during this period which included working with the invasion and more work in the Med. He was summoned home late 1944 after Commodore Collins had been wounded by a Kamikaze hit on HMAS Australia and her new skipper Dechaineaux killed. (see HMAS Australia Thread) Farncomb took command as Commodore Commanding Australian Station. When the HMAS Australia was hit 4 times by kamikasi's she had to leave the battle for repairs, Commodore Farncomb transferred his pennant to HMAS Shropshire. He continued fighting till wars end.
    IMO a sailors sailor a man who loved the sea and spent way more time at sea during war time than most of his contemporaries.

    Post war he was promoted to Admiral however many of his Australian contemporaries did not survive the war. He over saw the Australian Station become a Fleet, spent a few years in the USA and finally retired, only to go to University and do a Law course after passing his exams he succesfully sat the exam for passing the Bar as a Barrister/Solicitor

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