RAF bombs and Glenn Miller

Discussion in 'World War 2' started by liverpool annie, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    I searched but didn't see this already ..... :noidea:

    R.A.F. Bombs May Have Downed Glenn Miller Plane
  2. Antipodean Andy

    Antipodean Andy New Member

    An Australian crewman on the same op remembers seeing a tiny aeroplane flying among the splashes as per Michael Veitch's book Flak. Can't remember the crewman's name etc.
  3. CTNana

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    Am I being too sceptical? Whilst I knew little of what the war entailed, I seem to recall constant stories about the loss of Glen Miller. It just seems very strange to me that their story wasn't told and verified donkeys' years ago.

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