RAF Austalians - Group Captain Leonard John Crosbie

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    Group Captain Leonard John Crosbie
    Next on the list - Group Captain Leonard John Crosbie.

    Any further details would be welcome.

    Leonard John Crosbie was born on 26 Feb 1903 in Midland Junction, West Australia and died in 1946 in Plane Explosion (Over The Bay Of Bengal) at age 43.

    Transferred from the active list to the Reserve July 1935.

    from the naa - CROSBIE, Leonard John - (Group Captain); Service Number - 29064; File type - Casualty - Repatriation; Aircraft - Expediter; Place - Burma Coast; Date - 22 June 1946 (file not digitised) :

    Summary heading

    CROSBIE, Leonard John - (Group Captain); Service Number - 29064

    Descriptive note

    In addition to the file subject, the following servicemen are mentioned in this record:

    ALLARD W – (Flying Officer); Service Number – 186359
    STURT D I P – (Flying Officer); Service Number - 201103

    (not much news there, but it gives the service numbers of the other crew - might make them easier to find on other research sites to give more info)

    22 Jun 1946.

    ACSEACS (Air Command South East Asia Communications Flight)

    Expediter 1 KJ479
    13 degrees 37 North/98 degrees 12 East, Burma

    The aircraft was seen to dive into the sea about 2 miles off the coast of Burma between Pala and Punlab. The cause of the loss was not discovered as no wreckage or remains were recovered. Those aboard are commemorated on the Singapore Memorial at Kranji.

    Flying Officer William Stanley ALLARD Pilot (353 Squadron)
    Flying Officer Donald Ian Paul STURT 24
    Group Captain Leonard John CROSBIE

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