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    How the Strategic Radio Silence been maintained externally in those days ? Was it literally Silent , practically for the Tanks during War 2 , in general .... ?? Help me to get some general Idea ....

    Speaking truly , its very interesting to me whenever I go through the incidents like ...... maintaining their radio silence ... ,, not to break radio-silence there .... or like by breaking their radio-silence ..... etc. What they actually do there,waiting for HQ Call or something else ..? @ !
    Really I've no Idea over there ..

    How long they had to maintain it ?
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    I don't know for sure, but my guess is that it's either the high command will give the signal of break radio silence, or the field commander will give the order right there based on the situation. There is obviously no longer the need to keep radio silence once you have spotted enemy units.
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    Radio silence is normally observed before contact with the enemy is made. this is to ensure that your position or important information is not given to the enemy. However, once contact is made, and the shooting starts then radio silence is "defunct".
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    Radio silence is used to hide the whereabouts of Units from Direction finding and their status ie. readiness for action , and can be very worrying to the opposing forces not knowing what is going on .... an ominous silence .

    more info here.
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