Radio Intelligence ~ '36-'45// Under Instructions from SUCOM(Germany)

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    Gen Albert Praun wrote the detailed radio intelligence study (account) in the military history, based on the record of almost all the theaters of war including all important campaigns, under the oral and written instructions to the Subject.
    Interestingly this includes the impact on their interceptions to these :
    * Personal messages from King Haakon to King George and Queen Wilhelmina ..
    * Reuter correspondants attached to Norwagian units ..
    * Orders from the Admiralty in London, SOS calls, mine warnings ..
    * Over 200 text letters/messages including RAFs' ..
    * Traffic between Great Britain and Norway .. etc, etc..
    During War, Gen Praun served as regimental, brigade, division commander. In '44, he appointed Chief of Army and Armed Forces Signal Communications in France, Russia etc. till the end of hostilities, assigned to texted the subject as an inside story of Radio Intelligence of OKH, OKW. An actual German view that reflexed towards The Allied Radio Communication, the ultimate back bone of warfare. Here to remember that about 12 000 signal troops of German Army were engaged in intercepting the radio traffic of their Increasing powerful Enemy.
    I never mind to realise that ever smart Hitler always rejected the enemy superiority that increasing day by day, as per the accurate intelligence report, caused a total destruction of his obnoxious regime.
    This account also telling some of the contemporary Allied radio communication
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    Just looked at it a moment but I can see this is a treasure of information about the German side of the code war.

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