RAAF Honour Roll of men who became VIP in pst war years

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    Honour Roll
    The Royal Australian Air Force takes great pride in taking everyday men and women from Australian life and cultivating them into highly skilled and capable airmen. We instill core values that inspire leadership at every level and stay with people for life.

    After serving their nation in the Royal Australian Air Force, these well known Australians have used their airmanship principles to excel in other fields of service for our fine Nation;

    The lists are sorted in surname-alphabetical order.

    Vice-Regal Appointments

    Air Commodore Sir Hughie Edwards (Pilot) – Governor of Western Australia
    Air Marshal Sir Colin Hannah (Pilot) - Governor of Queensland
    Air Marshal Sir James Rowland (Pilot) - Governor of New South Wales
    Flight Lieutenant Sir Walter Campbell (Pilot) - Governor of Queensland


    Air Vice-Marshal Bill Bostock (Pilot) - Member of Parliament
    Flight Lieutenant Thomas Drake-Brockman (Tail Gunner) - Minister for Air
    Flight Lieutenant Dudley Erwin (Navigator) - Minister for Air
    Flight Lieutenant David Fairbairn (Pilot) - Minister for Air
    Flight Lieutenant John Gorton (Pilot) - Prime Minister of Australia
    Group Captain Bob Halverson (Logistics) - Speaker of the House of Representatives
    Wing Commander Trevor Kaine (Logistics) - Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory
    Squadron Leader Jackie Kelly (Legal) - Minister for Sport
    Leading Aircraftman Clarrie Miller (Communications) – Member of Parliament [/I][/I]
    [I]Flight Lieutenant Edward Gough Whitlam (Navigator) - Prime Minister of Australia[/I]

    Group Captain Raymond Garrett (Pilot) - President of the Victorian Legislative Council (1968-76)
    Aircraftman 2 Frederick Thomas (Pilot) - Lord Mayor of Melbourne
    Group Captain John Waddy (Pilot) - New South Wales Member of Parliament


    Group Captain Robert Douglas (Legal) – Queensland Supreme Court Judge
    Air Vice-Marshal Michael Helsham (Pilot/Legal) – New South Wales Supreme Court Judge
    Flying Officer Clarrie Hermes (Communications) – Australian Capital Territory Chief Magistrate
    Air Commodore Philip Opas (Legal) – Defence Council for Ronald Ryan (last man hanged in 1967)
    Flight Lieutenant Hubert Opperman (Administration & Special Duties) – Cabinet Minister and Ambassador
    Wing Commander George Pape (Administration & Special Duties) – Victorian Supreme Court Judge
    Flight Lieutenant Sir Walter Campbell (Pilot) - Chief Justice of Queensland


    Air Commodore (Honorary) Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith (Pilot) – Australian Aviation Pioneer
    Air Marshal Sir Richard Williams (Pilot) - Director-General of Civil Aviation


    Aircraftman 1 Norman Bartlett (Trainee) – Film Maker
    Sergeant Bruce Dawe (Education Assistant) – Poet, Academic and Composer
    Flying Officer Chips Rafferty (Administration & Special Duties) - Actor
    Leading Aircraftman Jack Wong Sue (Intelligence) – Author and West Australian businessman
    Flight Lieutenant Charles 'Bud' Tingwell (Pilot) – Actor


    Wing Commander Matt Hall (Pilot) – Red Bull Air Racer
    Flight Sergeant Keith Miller (Pilot) - Australian Test Cricketer / St Kilda Footballer
    Leading Aircraftman Tom Raudonikis (Airframe Fitter) - Australian Rugby League Icon

    If you know of any other famous Australian Airmen please e-mail the details to raaf.inquiries@defence.gov.au

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