Push on for greater POW memorial recognition

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    The first step to get Ballarat's ex-prisoner of war (POW) memorial nationally recognised is expected to take place in Federal Parliament this week.

    The bill could be introduced by the Minister for Veterans Affairs as soon as today.

    Once the bill passes both the House of Representatives and the Senate, it needs to be made an Act, which has to be formally signed by the Governor-General.

    The Member for Ballarat, Catherine King, says the Labor Party is keen for war memorials outside Canberra to get the recognition they deserve.

    "It is part of our election commitments and I would hope that it will pass the House, but in the Senate it really is a matter for the Opposition to a make a determination about whether they are willing to support this bill or not," she said.

    "We are losing our Australian ex-POW members very, very rapidly as they age and I'd really like to see this legislation passed as quickly as possible."
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