Propaganda Postcards of the Great War

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    This site aims to provide access to over 2,500 digital images of postcards from the First World War 1914-1918. All items are taken from the private collections of Jerry Kosanovich and Paul Hageman. The site includes background information on the importance of postcards as propaganda materials, descriptions of the type of materials depicted and their impact. Topics covered include: weapons, individual battles, recruitment, patriotism and nationalism and treaties such as the Treaty of Versailles.
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    I have my own private collection of 750 Propaganda Postcards of the first World War. Many of the cards are in the collection mentioned above although many are different.

    If anyone has a particular "theme" they are interested in let me know with your email address and I will happily scan you the relevant postcards...

    Below are a handful of cards chosen more or less at random.

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  3. forester

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    Have you seen the one I use for my avatar?
    I've seen a couple of versions. This one is "The Forest Row Boys Are On Guard"
    If you want a copy PM me.

  4. Adrian Roberts

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    I think whoever drew the aeroplane in the "Hands Across the Sea" postcard had never actually seen an aeroplane!
  5. cally

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    Adrian my friend if you just stop for a moment and think about it then the postcard you are referring to was published toward the end of 1914.

    In 1914 the vast majority of people, especially postcard artists living in England had never seen a real aircraft before!!!

    I also think you can discard any chance of them having seen an aircraft on television either!
  6. cally

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    Sorry Phil - I have only just noticed your reply!! I have seen that card before although in a slightly different arrangement. It makes a very effective avatar.
  7. liverpool annie

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    I found this one on the web .... and was going to buy it ... but now I can't find it !! :p

    I thought it was very poignant ! .......

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