Private David Russell Hearns - Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)

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    This is a sad story ... RIP David Russell Hearns

    In memory of
    who died on May 3, 1917

    Service Number: 220205
    Age: 23
    Force: Army
    Unit: Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)
    Division: 27th Bn.
    Son of John S. and Threasa Hearns; husband of Myrtle Hearns (Nee Hall).
    Cemetery: VIMY MEMORIAL
    Pas de Calais,France

    David Russell Hearns was born February 10th, 1894 in Napanee Ontario. He was the son of John Sylvester Hearns and Theressa Loucks. David, a sailor by trade worked the boats on the Great Lakes as did his father and brother. Around the year 1913 David married a pretty young lady from Picton Ontario, by the name of Myrtle Hall and within a year they had a son, Charles Edward.

    On August 28th, 1915 at the age of 21 David enlisted with the 80th Infantry Battalion. After training in Canada the Battalion sailed for England on May 16th 1916. David arrived in England on S.S. Baltic on May 29th after a passage of 14 days. On the 9th of June David was transferred to the 74th Battalion, but just seven days later this Battalion was split up, and David found himself in the 51st Battalion.

    Added note .... His son Charles Edward - was raised by David's brother Henry - they lived in Napanee Ont. North Fredericksburgh Township

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