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  1. Jerome

    Jerome Member

    Can anyone point me to a website which has the names of RAF and/or other Allied POWs.
    Many thanks,
  2. Adrian Roberts

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    RAF Commands 1939 - 1945 [] has the names of RAF POWS of WW2. I think probably this is just those in German hands, not Japanese, not sure about Italian.

  3. Jerome

    Jerome Member

    Thanks Adrian. Since my laptop died have been like a fish out of water.
  4. CXX

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    Hi Jerome

    I have a copy of the book 'Footprints on the Sands of Time' (Clutton-Brock). which lists Bomber Command POWs 1939 -1945. if you want I can look up any names you require.

  5. spidge

    spidge Active Member

    Great offer Peter.

    How many were prisoners of war of the Germans?


  6. Jerome

    Jerome Member

    Thanks for the offer Peter. Have been checking my people on the RAFCommands list. Does Footprints...... give more detail than the Rafcommands list does?
  7. CXX

    CXX New Member

    'Footprints' gives for each entry ------

    Name, Rank, Nationality, Squadron, Aircraft Serial, Aircraft Type, Date, Target, Camps, PoW Number, and in some cases a comment alongside the entry. Much the same as RAF Commands

  8. Jerome

    Jerome Member

    Thanks Peter: The 1st is:-

    Sgt Basil C., ANDERSON Service No: ? Service: RAF Trade/Branch: Air Gunner Squadron(s): 218 Sqn ?158Command: Bomber Nationality: Trinidad Disposal: POW Date Died/Captured: 8 oct 1943

    I found only 1 entry for a B G Anderson. The date matches as per this newspaper report:-

    Sgt - Rear Gunner, Bazil C Anderson, of Maracas, reported missing on Air Operations, October 8, according to cable from Air Ministry to his mother, Mrs Evelyn Anderson. Although on active service for about three months, Anderson already has to his credit one night fighter, which he destroyed a few days before he was reported missing.

    The local papers spells his first name with a C and a Z, but his middle initial is consistently reported as a C. Chorley's and RAFCommands refer to a B G Anderson.

    The info as recorded in the Museum before I started my research into RAF aircrew, had him as 218 Sqn. in Stirlings.

    Halifax Serial Number LW317 Squadron 158 X1D NP-P Operation Hannover Date 1 8th October 1943 Date 2 9th October 1943 LW317 was one of two No.158 Sqdn Halifaxes lost on this operation. See: HR945. Airborne 2247 8Oct43 from Lissett. Cause of loss not established. Crashed at Wiedensahl, 16 km NE of Minden. Sgt J.C.Mattey PoW Sgt G.V.W.Harris PoW Sgt M.T.Airey PoW Sgt R.J.Wootton PoW Sgt A.W.Steen PoW Sgt R.A.Duck PoW Sgt B.G.Anderson PoW Sgt M.T.Airey was interned in Camp 4B. PoW No.259842, with Sgt B.G.Anderson. PoW No.259844. NB; the Camp is shown as L4 in AIR20/3336. Sgt J.C.Mattey initially evaded until captured in Lille 4Jan44 and interned in Camp 4B, PoW No possibly 270062. Sgt R.A.Duck in Camps 4B/L1, PoW No.222792. Sgt G.V.W.Harris in Camps 4B/4A, PoW No.259878. Sgt A.W.Steen in Camp 4B, PoW No.259913. Sgt R.J.Wootton in Camps 4B/L3, PoW No.259926. "
  9. liverpool annie

    liverpool annie New Member

    Can I please add a couple of snippets ?? .... I found these ...

    Friday, Apr. 16, 1965

    Gas v. Bullets

    Sir: As a tail gunner in the R.A.F. in World War II who was shot down over Nazi Germany in 1943 and imprisoned, may I say that I would rather have a bellyful of nonlethal gas than a bellyful of lead any time! Let us hope that this is mankind's first step toward war that does not kill.

    BASIL C. ANDERSON Trinidad

    Letters: Apr. 16, 1965 - TIME

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    Home Improvement and Real Estate
    39 Valley View Trinidad,
    663- 1181

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