POW's on the railway Turkey-Taurus mountains

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    JAVDBERG New Member

    Does anybody have some information if there are still buildings or something left of the POW camps along the railway through the Taurus mountains? Has anybody went there? Is anybody going there?
    I am planning to go on that train in may 2010. I'm dutch and my English grandfather was overthere as a sapper of the RE. He was a crane driver. He surfived it and came back in 1919.
    It is difficult to find out how long it take by train from Sanli Urfa until Konya.
    Every information is welcome.
    Thank you
    Jacqueline van den Berg
  2. Charlie de Salis

    Charlie de Salis New Member

    Hi Jacqueline
    I am hoping to do a similar trip, tracing the old stations and POW camps. Did you find them?
    Hoping you can give me some pointers and advice.
    best regards
    Charlie de Salis

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