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    I have bought a series of books, called The shoe Leather Express, by a former POW at Stalag Luft IV named Joseph P. O'Donnell. There are six books in all. They have accounts from other former POWs from SL IV and other camps about the life in the camps and how it was on the 86 day 600 mile forced march across Germany during one of Europe's coldest winters. There is also a book enterly of POW drawings and artwork.

    His e-mail address is jpodpow1414@aol.com.

    If you're into POWs and POW camps, these are great books.

    If you are interested in the "Death March" try reading The Last Escape it's enterly dedicated to the evacuation of the POW camps and the Allied Troops marching across Germany. Camps were evacuated because of the advancing Russian front.


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    Excellent, another bookophile. :becky:

    My credit card shall thank you, Andy...after it bashes Kyt over the head!
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    The Last escape is, indeed, an excellent book. I read it a couple of years ago, and really should go back to it.

    Another excellent introduction to the subject is POW: Allied Prisoners in Europe, 1939-45: Adrian Gilbert:. If you are intrested in Bomber Command POWs, then this is a must Footprints on the Sands of Time: RAF Bomber Command Prisoners of War in Germany 1939-45: Oliver Clutton-Brock.

    I have heard that this is good but have yet to read it We Flew, We Fell, We Lived: The Remarkable Reminiscences of Second World War Evaders and Prisoners of War: Jimmy James,Philip LaGrandeur

    And of course there are the classics on Colditz, and the Great Escape (too many books to list) and this is a fine example Lie in the Dark and Listen: The Remarkable Exploits of a WWII Bomber Pilot and Great Escaper: Ken Rees,Karen Arrandale

    One shouldn't forget the Far East, of which classics are The Railway Man: Eric Lomax and Surviving the Sword: Prisoners of the Japanese 1942-45: Brian MacArthur
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    Thanks Kyt for the list of books. I'll have to check them out.


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    And The Wooden Horse of course.

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