POW/MIA Rememberence Day

Discussion in 'Vietnam War' started by preacherbob50, Sep 23, 2014.

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    I was just going through some literature and discovered I missed a POW/MIA rememberence day. I actually did not know there was one. 19 Sept. 2014 was the day. While I think a day to specifically remember the MIA's still out there might be a good thing, but a streak of fear comes into play. What if this special day gets too well known? Will it wind up like Veterans Day and Memorial Day when they are merely days set aside to BBQ, get loaded and get stupid?
    Before I quit drinking, on my worst day, I didn't need any particular "day" to show my prowess regarding the attack of the dreaded can of beer. Every day was a special day to destroy the ptsd by drinking it away.
    What I'm getting at is simple. Now, without dignifying a special day for rememberance, I like to remember the fallen and nearly forgotten MIA's every day, soberly, humbly and with a deep love for those brothers and sisters.
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    Oy! I even worked with a POW/MIA group in the past and didn't know... or remember this. :( Like you, though, I do try to remember our POWs and MIAs every day and yes, it would be a huge shame if it would turn into still another excuse to party the day away.

    While I wouldn't want it blown into something so big that it loses its meaning either, I *do* wish that there would have been *some* mention of it.

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