Political consequences of the Battle of Breeds Hill

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    When news about the battle reached the other colonies, it was reported as a big loss, both in the loss of ground and in lives. General Washington, while on his way to Boston as the new leader of the Continental Army, got word of the battle in New York City. The report, which included casualty figures that were rather inaccurate, and gave Washington hope that the colonies would win.

    The Massachusetts Committee of Safety, looking for another propaganda victory like the battles at Lexington and Concord, commissioned a battle report. Their report, didnt' get to England in time. General Gage's official account got there before the colonial report, and unsurprisingly caused an argument between the Tories and the Whigs. The casualty reports created an urgency in the military establishment, as they realized they had underestimated the strength of the colonies.
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    breeds hill is where the battle of bunker hill was taken place in 1775, correct?

    In 1825, the Bunker Hill Monument Association began construction of the Bunker Hill Monument
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    The Bunker Hill Monument is very famous of the war that happened prior to it. It is one of the most underplayed wars that ever happened in this country. I feel it should be better known.

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