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    In my early school days,this was discussed a lot between our then class-mates.We liked much ......

    Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead :

    ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

    Home they brought her warrior dead
    She nor swooned,nor uttered cry
    All her maidens,watching,said:
    'She must weep or she 'll die.'

    Then they praised him,soft and low
    Called him worthy to be loved
    Truest fried and noblest foe,
    Yet she neither spoke nor moved.

    Stole a maiden from her place,
    Lightly to the warrior stepped.
    Took the face-cloth from the face;
    Yet she neither moved nor wept.

    Rose a nurse of ninety years,
    Set his child upon her knee -
    Like summer tempest came her tears -
    'Sweet my child,I live for thee.'

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