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    I'm trying to find out some information on my great-grandfather following my grandfather's death.

    I have a scarf that is apparently his, but I have no idea what the scarf represents, just that it may have something to do with WW1

    I think I have attached an image of the logo/insignia on the scarf. The scarf is navy with red/light blue stripes

    Thank you so so much!

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  2. Interrogator#6

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    I found the image blurred but I will give what can.

    I see an escusion (device from a coat-of-arms) of a field of three nippers on silver (white) divided by a wide chevron. I identify the three objects as nippers but this is unclear so I speculate. Nippers are a tool, cutting or prying tool, common to Furriers (blacksmiths or persons who shoe horses).

    There is a severe black right-angle which I don't think is part of the original picture.

    I do not know for whom the device was designed but I suspect it had something to do with horses, horse doctors, or engineering.

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