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    People laugh when oldtimers say " does he have a Pip, Squeak and Wilfred ? " and wonder what the heck they're talking about !! :D

    Well heres the answer ..... these are the names given to the trio of commemorative medals issued to members of British and Empire forces who took part in the Great War. The medals themselves are not gallantry medals and as such have only a small momentary value. Many people will have a set of these medals in their families' possession and may wonder what their significance is and why they are known as "PIP, SQUEAK and WILFRED".

    Pip, Squeak and Wilfred were characters in a comic strip which first appeared in the "DAILY MIRROR" newspaper on the 12th of May 1919. The author of the script was Bertram J. Lamb and the artist was Austin B. Payne. The naming of the characters in the strip is due to Payne's wartime batman who for unknown reasons was known as "Pip-Squeak"

    Pip was a dog, Squeak a penguin and Wilfred who did not appear until later in the series was a rabbit. Pip and Squeak were portrayed as being Wilfred's parents and there was a supporting cast of and Russian bomb maker and his dog "Popski". Another jaded and elderly penguin known as "AUNTIE" made an appearance.

    The comic strip was extremely popular and became a craze in the 20's. The issue of the medals coincided with the start of this craze and they soon became known as Pip, Squeak and Wilfred.

    All three medals have the recipients name, service number and regiment or corps stamped in small block capitals on their edge or in the 1914 and 1914/15 Star upon the reverse. Army officers' medals did not include the regiment or corps.


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