Photographic History of the United States Navy

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    Probably regarded as the reference point for all USN warship photographs.

    My only criticism [and it is a large one which precludes me using very many of their images unless it is of a rare ship impossible to get elsewhere] is the size of picture they use.
    They tend to be on average only about 740x615 in size and hardly ever above say 900x700.

    As you know Annie I tend to go for as large a size as I can possibly get without sacrificing clarity.

    For example a lot of my pictures are in excess of 2000x1000 which is essential if the photograph is to be used for examining detail.
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    Thats probably because most of them are just snapshots taken by the sailors !! :rolleyes:
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    I think this picture is one of my favourites !! :)

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