Philip Peter Bucher

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    One of my ggggGrandfathers (whew, a lot of greats).

    Philip Peter Bucher

    Born June 5, 1751 in Frederick County, Virginia.  While residing in Frederick County, Virginia, he enlisted and served with the Virginia troops, as follows  - from July or August 1777 three months as orderly Sergeant in Captain James Wilson's company, Colonel Marquis Calmes' regiment.  He was discharged after three months.  In June, 1781 he had a short tour under Colonel John Smith to suppress the Claypole Rebellion in Hampshire County.  In July, 1781 in Captain Samuel Gilkison's company Colonel William Darke's regiment, was detached and served under Captain William George and Major Reid to march against the British and had a skirmish on Burwell's Point on the York River.

    As you can see from the above I have some incidents and people to learn about. 

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    (wondering if I am FFV)   :D

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