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    I've been reading an old letter from Peshawar (India now Pakistan) in April 1930 from Owen West of 1st Armoured Car Company. It appears they were on a 'peace-keeping' mission. He describes an incident when they were in a riot situation and a despatch rider was knocked from his machine, had a petrol soaked carpet thrown over him and was burnt alive.

    Can anyone cast any light on what 'we' were doing there? It's an interesting read.
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    Peshawar is in the North West Frontier, and at that time was near the very edge of British India. Usually the trouble came from the local tribes and/or attacks from over the border in Afganistan.

    However, in this instance the troubles started because the British decided to arrest some local Indian Independence Movement activitists. A large crowd gathered when the news spread, and became agitated enough to start rioting. It took 3 or 4 days to quell the unrest, and over 20 people were killed
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    Reports from The Times

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    Thanks Kyt.

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