Personal Cringer: That Longstreet Statue

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by Kate, Sep 3, 2014.

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    You'll see me frequenting all the statues and monuments at Gettysburg just as often as possible... and out of all of them, there's only one that makes me shake my head.

    The statue of General Longstreet in Pitzer's Woods. It's only been there for 16 years... I remember when it was unveiled. I was shocked back then, too.

    It's not on a pedestal. All the others in the park are... what were they thinking to have this commissioned in this way?

    He looks too short. He looks too old. And... well, he doesn't look like James Longstreet! Maybe if it would be higher... like off the *ground* like all the others?! Nah, that may not help.

    And is that a pony or something? It should be much larger than the rider. If the general is the right proportions, then the horse is too small. If the horse is right... well, it's just not proportionate and I think a disservice was done to this popular Confederate general.

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