Pensioner hits schoolgirl robbers

Discussion in 'Barracks' started by Kyt, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Kyt

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  2. spidge

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  3. sgt petts

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    Give her a medal
  4. morse1001

    morse1001 Guest

    She deserves more than a medal bur recognition for her bravery against terrible odds!
  5. 51highland

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    Good for her, its a major surprise she was not arrested for assault too, given the crazy world we live in. I was last time I tried to help someone.
  6. Kitty

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    Go Super Gran!
  7. CTNana

    CTNana Active Member

    What on earth happened?

    My congratulations to another little old lady. I hope I would also find the courage if so tested. Who are these kids and where are their parents?

    I have been a lifelong "leftie" and sadly as I have got older, there are times when I think we should still have corporal and capital punishment. Before anyone asks I can think of several (Hindley, Brady, Jamie Bulger's murderers who would not have troubled my conscience one iota, had it been my job to despatch them!).
  8. spidge

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    Bad feeling isn't it. Leaves a dirty taste in your mouth.
  9. Antipodean Andy

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    Good on her.

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