Pat Rooney caricatures.

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    Pls note this is Borden Gray GC died 1944 while on submarine patrol in the Atlantic on board a Wellington
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    I have a caricature of my father drawn by Pat Rooney in 1936 and happened upon an article about him on pages 10 to 13 of Issue 68 of the Dedham Vale Society Newsletter at
    You can download the Newsletter from there. I hope his helps.

    I doubt that the caricature of my father would be of much interest to this Forum, as he was drawn in civilian clothes, but have attached it anyway.

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    I'm delighted to discover this link to Pat Rooney, having just put his name into Google on the offchance. I've had this lovely caricature of my Father for years, showing him in his rugby strip. I don't know how he came to meet Pat Rooney in 1934, when he was 22, living in Oldham and working in Liverpool for Martins Bank. I do know that he played at Liverpool St. Helens Football Club R.U, Moss Lane, Windle, St. Helens, Merseyside, WA11 7PL in the 1950s. He was in the Royal Air Force and served in India, I think as a radio communications officer. If anyone knows anything of him, I would be delighted to hear of it. Thank you. His loving daughter, BarbaraR.

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    My mum and i were so happy to find this website and the posts about Pat Rooney.
    After visiting the RAF Club one day and being shown around the bar area, I was shown some of our guides favourite pictures, one of which was a caricature in a style that i recognised from a portrait that used to hang in my grandad's study.
    After my gran and grandad passed away the one memento that my mum loved and wanted to keep of my grandad was the caricature of him that was drawn in 1953.
    My grandad Wing Commander John Grant was in the RAF until his retirement.
    In all of the Pat Rooney drawings that we're seeing on this website, it's great to see the various personalisations of the sitters, in this instance as my grandad hailed from Scotland his nickname of 'Jock' and a band of pipers and a sketch of Arthur's seat.

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    Hi new to site have a rooney picture of my good friend Brian how do i upload picture it says picture file is too large ,
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    Here's one more for the collection. My father (R.E. 'Steve' Stephens) was commissioned in 1938 and retired aged 60 as a Group Captain. He served post-war as an Education Officer including tours as C.Ed.O in HQ RAF Germany (twice), HQ Fighter Command and HQ NEAF. I think that he was stationed at Newark when the sketch was done.
    'Steve' (R.E. Stephens).jpg
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    Buddy & Tishe.JPG

    Wow! What a terrific find this thread is! I have really enjoyed seeing all the other Pat Rooney caricatures, especially "Janet".

    My contribution is "Buddy & Tishe", drawn in 1953. Perhaps the youngest caricature that I've seen here.

    "Buddy" was me at the tender age of three (I am now 65). "Tishe" was a family friends' dog.

    I was 1 of 4 dependent children of a U.S. Air Force Sargent and his wife, stationed near Liverpool, England at that time. The sketch, still in it's original frame and acetate film (I think), has survived the Atlantic crossing by air in 1954, the neglect of my childhood years and numerous moves across the U.S. It hangs on my office wall in Oregon, still inspiring me.

    Cheers to Pat Rooney!

    Bud Liberatore
    Eagle Point, Oregon
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    Hi everybody. Here is Flt Lt John "Steve" Stephens, my Dad. Unfortunately we don't know where this was drawn but obviously 1956. Original in excellent condition, behind glass with taped edges. John has unfortunately passed away recently - RIP.

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