Pat Rooney caricatures.

Discussion in 'World War 2' started by David Layne, May 15, 2008.

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    Welcome Kinta and thanks for showing us your Rooney.
  2. David Layne

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  3. Kyt

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    Welcome and thank you kitna (and I can confirm that it does mean "how much/many" in Hindi)

    David, that is so cute in an ugly-dog sort of way. :) Well done
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    Nothing wrong with breaking down for that, DL. Nice one.

    Welcome aboard, Kinta, thanks for the connection to your father-in-law.
  5. Grahame Smith

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    William (Pat) Rooney

    William (Pat) Rooney was born in Colchester September 1884 and died 8th January 1966, buried in the extension graveyard of St Peter's Church Boxted Essex which I visited two years ago and took the photo. Always been curious to know more about him since the drawing of my uncle William Kenneth Manifould came into my safe keeping.


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  6. David Layne

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    Grahame welcome to the site and thanks for the additional information.
  7. Antipodean Andy

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    Welcome aboard, Grahame. Good post to start with!
  8. ijm_scot

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    Another Pre War

    Recently unearthed family portrate of Jenny Christie 1938.

    We don't have any details on where this was done, but it would be nice to know where Pat Ronney was during 1938.

    I didn't know who Pat Rooney was until I discovered this forum.

    The picture was folded so it didn't scan too well, but looks good framed and is now on the wall in my brothers home.

    Hope this helps..

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  9. Antipodean Andy

    Antipodean Andy New Member

    Hi mate. Thanks for dropping in and sharing that pic.
  10. Janet

    Janet New Member

    I was very interested in the Pat Rooney articles as he sketched me aged 6 in 1944 ( the year my father died) . I have the original drawing . I seem to remember I was taken by my mother to a house near Cark-in-Cartmel (where I lived then) and he did the drawing of me! I am now 73 ! Unfortunately I don't understand how to insert an image of the drawing from my photos! Does anyone know of other children he drew?

  11. Chris Barrett

    Chris Barrett New Member

    Here's a sketch of my father, Ted Barrett. (WO1 Theodore Louis Barrett, RCAF). He helped to set up 30AMB Langar as an RCAF base in 1952.
    Pat Rooney sketched him in 1953.
    He retired from the RCAF in 1955, and became a Church of England vicar.

    Ted at Langar.jpg
  12. Sarge

    Sarge New Member

    Chris, thank you for sharing this piece of history with us. Welcome to the forum!
  13. Janet

    Janet New Member

    Pat Rooney drawing of me , Janet , aged 6 ,in 1944.

    Sarge helped me to attach this drawing of me which Pat Rooney did in 1944.
    During the war I was evacuated with my mother and sister at 24 hours notice from Ipswich , Suffolk to Allithwaite near Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria. My father had to stay in Ipswich as he was a much needed pharmacist. We were later bombed out of our rented house there in the village and I remember that night vividly as we were all in the under the stairs cupboard when the bomb dropped in the road outside !
    We moved again to Cark-in-Cartmel and I remember German prisoners from Grizedale ( Luftwaffe pilots I think? ) being very kind and giving us their sweet rations ! They used to come to work on the farms and my mother gave them and their guards cups of tea in our kitchen I seem to remember. As a young child I could not understand why such nice men had dropped bombs on us !!
    My father died in 1944 and soon after that this drawing was done. I think my mother took us to a house in Holker, near Cark where Pat Rooney was staying perhaps?

    Janet (now aged 74)

  14. ijm_scot

    ijm_scot New Member

    Nice one Janet.. p.s. I live in Cumbria at the moment working at Haverigg which is an old RAF base. We have a Rooney sketch of my paternal grandmother..
  15. Janet

    Janet New Member

    Thanks for telling me that . I was very interested you have a Rooney sketch of your grandmother and that you live in Cumbria . I now live in north Lancashire . Where was her sketch done ? or maybe you don't know?

    Best wishes,

  16. Nofnet

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    I was very interested to find this thread because I have just aquired a Pat Rooney caricature sketch.
    The one I have is of Flying Officer Dennis Woollacott in 1943. He was an Equipment (Explosives) officer who went on to join No. 2 R.A.F. Beach Squadron, a Combined Operations unit. He was promoted to Acting Flight Lieutenant and landed in the JUNO assault area on D-Day. He had responsibility for R.A.F. bombs and ammunition coming ashore in his sector of the beach, and was awarded the Croix de Guerre.

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  17. ijm_scot

    ijm_scot New Member

    Hi Sorry for late reply, I didn't see your post until today. I don't know where my grandmother had her sketch done, but she was born and brought up in Scotland for most of her days. There is a large part of her life that is unknown to me unfortunately. I believe she may have been engaged to an RAF pilot before the war, so this may be when the sketch was done.
  18. Jim Reusche

    Jim Reusche New Member

    I'm glad to join your thread. Here is a Rooney sketch of my Dad, Lt. Robert J. Reusche, Finance Officer, Air Transport Command, London, 1943. My Dad passed away in 2006 at the age of 88, but he is in our memory every day.

    Jim Reusche
    Potomac, MD

    Lt R J Reusche (864x1280).jpg
  19. Mark Wilbourn

    Mark Wilbourn New Member

    My mother came across two Rooney Caricatures on display at the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum (Chichester) and remembered that she had a similar picture of her father at home. She checked and found it was a Rooney drawn in 1944 - attached.
  20. Ryk

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    Borden gray002.jpg Flight Lieutenant Borden Gray G.C.

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