Pardon of Private Hughes

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    Private Frank Hughes, born Croydon, Southland 1888 - British War Medal, Victory Medal, New Zealand Certificate of Honour now awarded

    In Memory of
    Private FRANK HUGHES

    24/2008, 2nd Bn., Canterbury Regiment, N.Z.E.F.
    who died
    on 25 August 1916
    Son of Mr. John Hughes, of 209, Crinan St., Invercargill, New Zealand.

    Remembered with honour

    Private Frank Hughes - NZEF – EXECUTED - 25 AUGUST 1916

    Letter from Leslie KENNY to his niece in New Zealand – dated 28 August 1916.

    from the Taranaki Daily News 5 October 1992.

    "In this little village on the Somme a few days ago a very sad incident occurred when the sentence of death by shooting was executed on a boy of our Canterbury Regiment, Private HUGHES. God alone knows whether he merited his sentence (rumour says no) but it seems regrettable that a man who has volunteered of his own free will, when once ensnared in the military mesh, should have to submit to such barbarous methods of punishment. A visit to the cemetery revealed an unmarked grave. Poor devil. Even his dead body disgraced. One rather pitiful tribute of the kindness of the French womenfolk was a bunch of freshly cut flowers placed on the mound. The place of execution was in an orchard just opposite the cemetery and the bullet-scarred tree told its own mute story. The execution made a great impression on the civilians who rightly consider this boy a victim of too rigid and brutal discipline. One thing certain, his grave will always be tended and well kept by these sympathetic strangers for whom he came to fight".

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