"Our Bert " Australia's Flying Hero

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    Herbert John Louis 'Bert' Hinkler (1892-1933)

    'Bert' Hinkler, an Australian aviator, made the first solo flight from Britain to Australia in 1928. He made the flight in a single-engine Avro Avian aircraft in 151/2 days. After the flight, which broke five aviation records, the Australian government made him an honorary squadron leader.
    Louis John Hinkler was born at Bundaberg in Queensland. As a boy, he studied the flight of ibises. Later, he tried to fly by strapping wings to his back. At the age of 19, he successfully flew his homemade glider to a height of 33 feet (10 meters). He became a mechanic and pilot with a showman and gave flying exhibitions in Australia and New Zealand. The plane used in the exhibitions was eventually smashed beyond repair.

    At the age of 21, Hinkler went to England and joined the Royal Naval Air Service as an observer-gunner. He won the Distinguished Service Medal in France. He also served as a pilot in Italy


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    Hinkler wanted to be an entrant in the England-Australia Air Race in 1919, and the Sopwith Company offered him a Dove aeroplane (a derivative of the Pup that saw much service in the War) for his use. However, the race officials weren't enthusiastic about the thought of a solo entrant in such a gruelling event, and spent so much time considering if his entry should be allowed or not that Sopwith decided to sell the aeroplane elsewhere. Hence, Hinkler didn't participate.

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