Operation TEN GO in the Pacific'45

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    By early ’45,Hirohito was suffering a series of defeat started from Midway,Leyte Gulf etc in the Philippine Sea.His naval power faced the heat and strong challenge of Allied supremacy.Number of operational ships became fewer.To defend Okinawa,other than Kamikaze activities,Japan’s military mastermind had no option either .So the Combined Fleet Admiral Toyoda Soemu met the high command and conceived Operation Ten ichi Go, better known as Ten Go[Operation Heaven One].Though Imperial navy was severely running undersupply of fuel,Yamato summoned to strengthen the mission.It was constructed after Pearl Harbour incident and under pressure of the existing Japan- Allied Pacific rivalry.It was then the biggest and strongest[Yamato class] battleship ever constructed.It was there during the Battle Of Midway too.For the Allies,really it was a disturbing/troublesome one.By the Kamikaze style,Yamato alongwith Yagachi[light cruiser] and some eight destroyers had to engage in fighting to make their way through the Allied fleet ,and to reach Okinawa.It intended to join the Okinawa based Kamikaze,Army units,had to be beached itself,act as an unsinkable gun emplacement and continue to fight until destroyed.

    Allied had to capture Okinawa before starting their main attack on Japan mainland.So they invaded Okinawa on 1st April’45.

    Meanwhile, the Allies had intercepted and decoded their transmissions.

    Threadfin and Hackleback confirmed this.

    Admiral R Spruance called in six battleships to surface strike along with Admiral Marc Mitscher’s carriers to encircle Yamato and destroy along with its companions.To fortify this effort,Allied had a compliment of seven cruiser,twenty destroyers to interfere the Japanese landing.

    Carriers oriented consecutive three airborne attacks destroyed the Imperial fleet including Yamato that took part in Ten-ichi-Go,by confirming Further Advancement for the Allied.It was Japan’s last and final major naval activity till the end of World War 2.
    Okinawa was secured by mid-June’45.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    1]Listing to port and on fire. 2]Helldiver[US]SB2C-3 resumed Attack.

    Hirohito once forced his generals to start Kamikaze activities[been observed 1st in the Battle of Leyte Gulf//Oct’44]carried upto the battle for Okinawa ,determined the Allied to bogged down Japan/Stopping War, but no sooner than Aug’45,untill The Bombs dropped.
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