Only Civilian Death During Battle of Gettysburg

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    Her final resting place is in the Evergreen Cemetery, directly beside the National Cemetery. The American flag from her gravesite can be seen from the National Cemetery. There is an executive order stating that the flag is allowed to be flown 24 hours a day. There is one other woman in history who has this honor... Betsy Ross at her resting place in Philadelphia... no other woman ever!

    Twenty year old (just barely!) Jennie Wade (born Mary Virginia and called Ginnie, but a newspaper reported the name as Jennie and it stuck) was staying with her sister who had recently given birth... Jennie's mother and brother were there, too. They baked bread for the Union soldiers.

    One morning Jennie was baking bread when a sharpshooter's bullet came through two doors and killed her. :-( Not aiming at her, of course, but simply a young girl caught in the cross-fire.

    I have been in that house and it always gives me a strange feeling... but the basement where they took Jennie's body... well I simply don't like the feel down there.

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