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    What was the average officer’s kit on active service?

    In amongst the service records of officers who died overseas in WW1 I have found the lists of kit returned to next of kin. The amount of kit they appear to have had varies considerably.

    Lt William Gerald Martin, 12th Bn KRRC (KiA 14.1.17 France)
    1 Wrist watch and guard
    1 Half Hunter watch and strap
    Letters and papers
    1 Purse
    1 Wallet
    1 Cheque Book (Counterfoils)
    1 Cheque Book
    1 Leather Cigarette Case
    1 Cigarette Holder in case
    1 Officer’s Advance Book
    1 Yale Key
    4 Studs
    1 Tie Pin
    14 Stamps of 1d each
    12 Stamps of 1/2d each
    Part of Sam Browne Belt
    1 Diary 1917

    At the other end of the scale, the returned effects of Captain Hanbury Lewis Kekewich, 16th Bn Royal Sussex Regiment, KiA 16.11.17, Palestine, includes two pages of over 120 different items packed into a valise, a kit bag and a uniform case. Amongst the items are a button hook, 2 canvas basins and 50 books.
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    The basic items would all be the same...of sorts!

    Officers bought (and still do to an extent) as "private purchase" and therefore individualsed it somewhat.

    The Sam Browne could be bespoked by the individual to the nth degree....Various items could be purchased to augment the basic belt two straps, ammunition pouch, holster and sword frog. I have an item I have only recently identified:- it is a pouch for the early gas mask...the goggles and face mask....It has a pouch at the front for the goggles and a large one at the rear for the mask.

    The compass pouch is fairly standard, as are other items.

    Various Regts has peculiarities and worn items in various ways.

    A chap in Palestine would have KDs possibly a KD Sam Browne and accoutrements as well as the normal Service Dress. This along with either pattern of pith helmet, trench coat and greatcoat / British Warm for the cold winter nights. I always take books and even Warhammer to paint!!

    I also have a small kettle affair thing which packs down and can be used to "brew up" in any location. It is in one of the Army and Navy catalogues of the time which can be found on line (sorry lost the link!)

    A look through one of these can show the vast array of things deemed "indespensible" for an officer on campaign, including the famous "campaign furniture".

    Of course, revolvers were private purchase items as were such wonders as the Orilux "trench torch".
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    Hello Scrimnet,

    I thought you would home in on this one. :D

    Capt. Kekewich had all that with him and more. He certainly didn't travel light.
    He was a metalbroker in civilian life, so could presumably afford a few creature comforts.

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    Yes of course I would!!!

    We all like to travel with much more kit than we should...Well...I do!

    It was just the other week that by chance I was passing a junk shop on a bus, and never being one to miss a chance, I jumped off and went in...

    Therein I found an officers campaign bed sans the canvas (I have a chap who can replace that!!) for the princely sum of 3 of our English pounds!! This one is actually stamped with a Crows Foot (the WD arrow mark!)

    Lovely folding concertina metal workings on it and all in lovely condition!

    And of course it was but last week when I found an excellent example of what was marketed as the "Soldiers Camera" a 1916 Vest Pocket Kodak Autograph....Looks brand new, but has a nice early serial number...I'll pop a pic up later...A tenner...
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    I just thought...

    I thought I had a piece of kit from 12 KRRC, but it is not, it is from 11(S)bn KRRC...A splendid pair of a C/Sgt F King
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    I don't know if this will be legible, but I tried. :D
    I'll try and do the other page in a minute, because I get timed out trying to upload both at once.


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    Fingers crossed, page 2

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    In the meantime PM and email sent.

    Phil :)
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    I did :p

    You try!!!:D
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    It's your computer, I did and it still works and I can still get military badge from my Favourites and Googling it :p
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