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    Archway New Zealand is now showing ( actually they have been for a while .... but they are uploading them pretty quickly !! ) against soldier's name the message "view digitised record PDF" you click on it and the record comes up ! They have only completed about 4600 files - but what a break through !!

    Try it out for yourself

    type in a soldier's name - if you are lucky up their PDF file comes up ....... I'm still working my way through mine ... haven't found one yet ... but I'm still trying !!

    Christine said if you type in "WW1 digitised" in the search box you get a list of the names already done, in alphabetical order :D
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    Re: STOP PRESS ...... Guess what ??

    That's certainly a site to be added to the favourites.

  3. liverpool annie

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    Re: STOP PRESS ...... Guess what ??

    Better watch out ... Kiwis are catching up to the Aussies !! :D

    Trouble is ... I'm not quite sure how they are doing them ... :confused: ......

    I tried a few of your guys at the beginning of the alphabet ... but they're not done yet !! so I don't know !! :rolleyes:

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