NZ Brigadier A.B. Williams

Discussion in 'World War 2' started by Steen Ammentorp, Aug 23, 2009.

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    I can't find his name at all I'm afraid - I checked the London Gazette in case it was there - I checked US awards in case it was there ... but he seems to be mysterious !!

    I did find a picture of the Legion of Merit ... if thats any good !! :)

    Brig A. B. Williams, DSO, m.i.d., Legion of Merit (US); Cambridge; born Rotorua, 4 Feb 1892; Regular soldier; NZ Fd Arty, 1915–19
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    Hi Steen,

    I would suggest an email to the New Zealanders. Everything I found on him stated A.B.

    Sorry we could not assist.


  3. Finally – after some extended searches I got his name. Searching “Williams, d.s.o.” AND nz in Google Books finally revealed his name as Alan Bernard Williams. So now the London Gazette is no problem :)

    Nevertheless Thank you for spending your time and giving it a try.
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