Nuremberg Trials - '45

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    Erwin Rommel, Sgt. Kurt Knispel [confirmed 168 tank kills] or Michael Wittmann [confirmed 138 tanks, 132 anti-tank guns and other armoured vehicles] an Waffen-ss Hauptsturmfuhrer all passed away before The Trial of '45.

    Let us consider that all of them were taken as POW .

    If they presented before[Supreme Court Justice] R Jackson,the chief US prosecutor,what you consider to be happen?
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    I'd imagine they would be sentenced to death, and if not, would have to live in seclusion for the rest of their lives to prevent an assassination.
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    Not really sure what the charges would have been even if they had been brought before the tribunal. What war crimes would they have been accused of?
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    If not wrong,then let us considering.........

    1] Nazi orders been carried out[by their act].
    2] Crime to humanism[fought for].
    3] They were the part of such inhuman mechanism that brought a ' Total Socio-economical/political destruction ' in Europe,Middle-east and extended up to Far-east[7 great years].
    4]They were the part of That mechanism which caused a total destruction of Germany.
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    If those were the criteria for being charged, then every person who fought for Germany would have had to appear before the court.
    The war itself could be considered a crime, but that would not make every participant on the losing side a criminal. Just my opinion.
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    So do you relieve them from charges[Acted in favor of Nazis'] or not.
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    I don't excuse them for fighting for an evil cause, but unless they could be charged with a specific crime, then there was no reason to waste the court's time. A court which by the way missed seeing countless real criminals.
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    I can't imagine Rommel would have been charged with 'war crimes' per se, there was too much testimony from the Allies about how he fought a gentlemens war. The others didnt commit atrocities (as far as I'm aware anyway) so apart from the all-encompassing "waging agressive war" there's not a lot the allies could have done apart from maybe waste their time.
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