Number of people killed in each of the extermination camps

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  1. Vladimir

    Vladimir Siberian Tiger

    The following figures are preliminary. If anyone is having accurate information, I will be more than happy to edit my posts.

    Auschwitz - 1,100,000
    Treblinka - 870,000
    Belzec -600,000
    Majdanek - 360,000
    Chełmno - 320,000
    Maly Trostenets - 205,000
    Sobibor - 250,000
    Warsaw - 200,000
    Chełmno - 152,000
    Bernburg - 100,000
    Sachsenhausen - 100,000
    Mauthausen-Gusen - 95,000
    Jasenovac - 95,000
    Ravensbrück - 90,000
    Majdanek - 78,000
    Bergen-Belsen - 70,000
    Stutthof - 65,000
    Buchenwald - 56,000
    Sajmiste - 50,000
  2. Vladimir

    Vladimir Siberian Tiger

    The total count as of now is around 4 million. I think some 2-3 million is missing, as I have omitted some of the smaller camps. Can anyone add them?
  3. blindwarrior

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    There's some controversy surrounding the actual numbers, so finding accurate information on the subject is quite hard. This is mainly due to the fact that the camp wardens destroyed a lot of the records when defeat became certain. This has lead to some people claiming the numbers are exaggerated. For example the last time I read about them, the mentioned number was around 6 million.
  4. Vladimir

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    Does this number of 6 million include victims outside the extermination camps? Some 9 to 10 million people were exterminated by the Nazis, including some 6 million Jews and 2 million Roma. But a part of that was exterminated during mass-shootings and other incidents, which happened outside the extermination camps.
  5. blindwarrior

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    No the six million quoted was only for the extermination camp victims, but if I remember correctly even the Auschwitz numbers were quoted as being 3,000,000 a while back. Since then it has been revised because it is believed the Soviets exaggerated the numbers to help vilify the Nazis, not that they needed any help in that regard.
  6. Justyn Mendoza

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    When it's put in front of you like it is at the holocaust museum. It becomes far too real. There are a lot of people I know that laugh and make fun of Jewish people but it wasn't just Jews that died during that time. They say at Auschwitz nothing grows on the land there. Yeah I think in total it's around 6 million.
  7. blindwarrior

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    Well if you truly want to account for everybody killed by the Nazis, you'd have to take into account the people killed by the S.S. extermination squads. Who regularly killed POV's, Jews,Roma and generally anybody who they perceived as a threat or of no value.
  8. aghart

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    Dachau was the very first conentration camp. Located near Munich, approx 15,000 prisoners died in the last year of the war
  9. Vladimir

    Vladimir Siberian Tiger

    So the actual number for Auschwitz is 1.1 million right? Does this include the Roma also?

    Thanks for the information. Not able to find much about Dachau in the net.
  10. Falcon1

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    Which corresponds to the figured approximately 6 million given by SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Hoettl to the Nuremberg Tribunal in 1946, these figured approximately 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis.
    Seems it's not known for sure the exact number of victims of Auschwitz, it could be somewhere between 1,100,000 to 1,500,000
  11. Falcon1

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    I don't think it include Roma, but i have some Gipsy music for you :)

  12. Interrogator#6

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    Dachau was the first German Concentration Camp, it is true, but the term Concentration Camp dates at least to the Boer War (1899) when the British rounded up Boer settlers so they could not support the Boer forces.

    Dachau opened circa 1935, as a place to house "enemies of the state". A US Dept. of State representative visited it in 1936 while visiting Germany. I spoke with this man in 1972. He described it as not too dissimilar to a US low security prison of the era.

    There were two types of camps: labor and Death. Often one camp would have both functions.

    Dachau eventually metamorphasized into a death-camp or extermination camp (as well as a labor camp). It was the only death camp in Germany proper; all other death camps were in occupied countries, mostly Poland.

    Records of who and how many died in camps are, to this day, not totally finalized.

    Holocaust deniers commonly say that the Nazis were not systematically killing people, but merely disposing of the bodies of those who died of various illnesses, mostly typhoid. They say the Nazis were not culpable in these diseases. Now pull my other leg.
  13. Rigby44

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    A 13-year study of Nazi paperwork revealed a system of concentration camps, ghettos and slave labor more widespread than originally assumed.A serious study of German World War II records revealed such a widespread presence of such sites that Holocaust researchers had to double-check their figures to make sure they were accurate. "The numbers are so much higher than what we originally thought," said Hartmut Berghoff, director of the German Historical Institute in Washington,"We knew before how horrible life in the camps and ghettos was, but the (new) numbers are unbelievable."
    The review performed by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum cataloged 42,500 camps and ghettos in Germany, Russia and other areas of Europe occupied by the Nazis before and during the war. Researchers said they expected the total to be around 7,000 when they began their exhaustive project.They ranged from the well-known concentration camps down to small work sites and even brothels set up to service German soldiers.
    Between 15 million and 20 million people are believed to have perished at the sites, the researchers estimated. If this review is correct then the figures, far from being reduced, look as if they could be far greater. It seems to me the numbers game has yet to be fully assessed. I suspect the numbers are higher, but I will defer for the time being to 6million being a base figure for Jews murdered and 2 million for Roma. However, I cannot accept the spurious argument of those who place it much lower.

  14. Falcon1

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