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    Another ggggGrandfather that I have some information.

    Nicholas Blankenbaker

    From Culpepper County, Virginia and mustered into service in March 1781.  Served as a private in Captains Stokely, Overton, Lovely, and Scott's companies of Colonel Gaskins and Posey's Virginia regiments.  He was engaged in battle at York and Savannah and then marched to Charleston until his time expired. He was discharged November 1, 1782.

    Again, a lot of information that I need to learn about.

    Kevin S. Coy
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    You might find more info on Nicholas Blankenbacker by writing or visiting the Germanna Foundation near Fredericksburg, VA. The foundation is just up from the Germanna Ford, where Union forces crossed the Rappahannock River in early May 1864 on their way to fight in the Wilderness.

    Hans Blankenbacker immigrated to VA from Neurenberg and settled in the area in 1717 as part of the second wave of Germanna Colony settlers. My direct ancestor, John Huffman, arrived there in 1714 with the original group. His grandson, Reuben Huffman, fought in the Rev. War.

    Many of the Germanna settlers ventured out to Culpeper.


    Mike Peters

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