Newspaper pictorials: World War 1

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    This site forms part of the library of Congress American Memory Project. It provides free access to a collection of images taken from US newspapers published during the First World War 1914-1918. The main sources are the New York Times and the New York Tribune, including the three primary sources The War of the Nations: Portfolio in Rotogravure Etchings, a volume published by the New York Times shortly after the armistice that compiled selected images from their "Mid-Week Pictorial" supplements of 1914-19; Sunday rotogravure sections from the New York Times for 1914-19; and Sunday rotogravure sections from the New York Tribune for 1916-19. The images are a valuable source of information about American views of the war in Europe, war propaganda and a pictorial record of the conflict and life on the home front at this time. In addition to the images the site also contains a timeline of key events and essays on aspects of the war and its newspaper and pictorial coverage. Rights information is displayed on the site.

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