New PBS Civil War Series: Mercy Street

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by Kate, Feb 1, 2016.

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    Is anyone watching the new PBS series called Mercy Street? I am amazed that so far in the first three episodes, there has been nothing at all that could not be considered authentic. It is all accurate from language to props to sets, etc. That's actually quite rare for new Civil War shows these days!

    Another surprising aspect is that (again at least in the first three episodes) there was nothing that would make our grandmas blush. There were a few parts, mostly episode two, that got a little close, but it was just the way things were during the Civil War. That said, it's not something that we'd want kids in the room to see... it *is* a war series after all, based largely on Civil War hospitals.

    The character development is well written and intriguing... they all have their own directions, and viewers are pulled in to want to know what happens with them next.

    The only concern I have at this point is hoping that it doesn't end up like many of these things do... and like many books do... starting out strong and fizzling after a while. That would be a shame for a show that has started out so well.

    As a side note, Ken Burns has stated he's impressed with this show. In my book, that's saying a lot!

    Oh, I should say that I have no cable TV and this series can be watched directly from the PBS website... another plus!

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