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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Paul Cressingham, Oct 7, 2013.

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    Good afternoon all.

    I'm Paul Cressingham, 58 years old from Norfolk, England. Retired, and keeping myself occupied by researching the good old family tree. My main reason for joining this forum is that I come from a very military background (Much more so than I ever realised!!) and am at the moment building a fuller picture of my step-grandfather John Stephen (Jack) Mepham who served in the 2nd Battalion Royal Sussex Reg't during the 1930s and was wounded and captured 28th May 1940 in Hazebrouck, France. He stayed in several POW camps (VIA, XB, VIIIB, Marlag Milag Nord and 344) during his years of incarceration, and was repatriated through Barcelona 17th May 1944.

    I have his ICRC 'file' which includes quite a lot of interesting information and reports regarding this exchange, which I have translated from the original French, but am hoping to link up with some 'more knowledgeable' people on here that can help me flesh out his time in the camps and his repatriation. Plus anything to to with 2nd battalion Royal Sussex in India, Egypt, and Sudan in the 1930s and as part of the BEF.

    Well here's hoping...

    Very best regards


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