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    During the German counterattack on Schmidt in the battle of the Hurtgen Forest, soldiers of the 3rd battalion, 112th infantry regiment had to run for their lives. Some fled back toward American lines and some fled into the forest southwest of Schmidt, behind German lines. My father was with the trapped men behind German lines. He was 1st Lt. William A. (Andy) Anderson, Weapons Platoon Officer. He and two other men escaped the trap and made it back to American lines on November 9. The other soldiers were either killed or captured. My quest is to tell the story of how these three men made it back and to identify the two men with my father. I have identified one as Sgt.Thomas A Brandt. My father wrote about being interviewed by a reporter from general headquarters while in the hospital on or about November 10, after he was taken out of the battle for a shrapnel wound and trench foot. I'm wondering if anyone might have suggestions about how to find more information on these three men.

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