Narashino Camp

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    I'd like to find out more about this camp and this Squadron ... does anybody have any information ? :)

    The grandnephew of a German sailor captured by Japanese forces during World War I recently visited a former prisoner-of-war camp where his great uncle was held and provided materials that shone new light on life at the camp.

    Adolf Shaefer (1893-1945) was held for some four years.
    Adolf Shaefer was a sailor in the Imperial German Navy's East Asia Squadron, and was captured when the Japanese military took the Chinese port of Tsingtao in November 1914, at that time a German colony.

    While a prisoner at Narashino, the music-loving Adolf formed the "Schaefer Orchestra," a group of some 20 POWs who played guitar, violin, cello, drums and other instruments at classical music concerts. There are many pictures and diaries from Adolf's time in the Narashino camp at the homes of Helmut's relatives in Germany.

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