Names for the Civil War

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by Kate, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. Kate

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    I always smile when I try to figure out where someone lives by how they refer to the Civil War. Sometimes it's easy... sometimes not so. I'll list some of the most common although there were more, less often used. What do *you* call the conflict that happened from spring of 1861 until spring of 1865?

    The Civil War?
    War of Northern Aggression?
    War of Southern Rebellion?
    War Between the States?
    Mister Lincoln's War?

    To me, it's always been simply the Civil War. Whether or not there was aggression and rebellion, it always felt juvenile to me to call the war those things just to make a point. (Just stating my personal feelings over the years there... *NOT* saying anyone else is juvenile for using one of them.) :)
  2. thomas pendrake

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    There was no attempt to overthrow the Federal government, therefore it was not a cviil war but rather a war between the states, hence the "War Between the States".

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