Myths of the missile crisis

Discussion in 'Other Conflicts' started by Kyt, Jul 7, 2008.

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    BBC - Today

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    I remember in the 70's my admittedly left-wing history teacher telling us that the world survived because Khruschev was big enough to back down. Maybe he was right. Some things are too big for pride to stand in the way.
  3. Kyt

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    The most worrying aspect seems to the suggestion that neither leaders had 100% control on the forces on the ground, and one "accident" would have lead to a catastrophe.

    Though the US missiles in Turkey are only mentioned in passing, it is a reflection of those times (and in many ways of now) where what the US does is always correct, whereas if anyone else matches their actions it is seen as an act of aggression.
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    The following is a quote from the obituary of Lt-General William Odom, Sovietologist and "Hawk" in the Carter administration, who died recently aged 75:

    Really scary! And we're not out of the woods yet, either.
  5. Kyt

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    I think it was Billy Connolly who used to joke that Ronald Reagen had his finger on the button and yet Billy's grandfather was younger and they wouldn't even let him near the TV remote control.

    I think the same could be said about the incumbent - a man who can choke on a pretzel shouldn't really be in charge of anything until he has been properly weaned.

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