My WW2 Collection (will update later)

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  1. I am here posting my collection, why I collect? If you ask me, its because it is the items we collect now days that made the history in the past along side the men and women of all parts of the world!

    Here is my collection, and I would love to see other people show a bit of their own (NOTE: These are 3 Month old Pics, since then my collection has grown double its size! ) I am always willing to buy more items. If you have an item for sale I may buy it!

    3 month old pics of my Home Museum:

  2. [​IMG]

    Dang -_- I still have like 260 pics left at least, but you all have a taste! Hope you like! :)

    P.S. Sorry for all the 'posts', I just wanted to share my collection! :)
  3. John

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    Thanks for all the great photo's of your collection.

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